Online Program Agreement

(Note: References in this agreement to the "Guidelines for Online Programs" refer to the Appendix of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative, as approved by the MCCA Board of Directors on July 20, 2001.)

This document will be completed, signed and submitted to the Michigan Community College Association for each program of study to be made available to students through the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative. Where colleges are collaborating in the development of a program of study, each participating college will submit a separate copy of this agreement.

Program Title:

Program Offered by (hereafter referred to as 'The College'):

Program Description:

Program completion will result in award of the following credential(s):

Students who successfully complete this program will also be qualified to write the following test(s):

This program was approved by the following internal curriculum review body ______________ on _______(date)

This program was authorized by The College Board of Trustees on ________ (date)

This program has been approved by the following external organization(s) on the date(s) indicated:

This program was developed as a result of needs clearly identified in a needs study or analysis done for The College by ________________ on _________ (date). Results of this needs study may be obtained by contacting:

The College agrees to allocate the necessary resources, as described in the Guidelines for Online Programs, such that this program will be available beginning __________ (date). The college further agrees that it will notify the MCCVLC in writing no less than _______ (three years is suggested) prior to closing this program, so that students at other member colleges will have sufficient time to complete the program.

The program described in this agreement is a complete program of study. Experiential learning components of the program (laboratory, clinical, skills development, and/or skills demonstration) will be addressed in the following way:

Authoritative information about the program will be maintained at the following url: ___________________________

The outcomes of this program will be evaluated as part of the assessment plan of The College. More information about program outcomes can be obtained by contacting: ______________

The appropriate institutional policies are in place at The College, and are either attached as an appendix to this document or can be found online at the associated url:

Questions about this program should be directed to: ______________ (title) ____________

Development of this program of study has been consistent with the MCCVLC Guidelines for Online Programs. Provision of student support services and program maintenance will also be consistent with these guidelines.

Signature: _______________________ (Chief Academic Officer or Chief Executive Officer of The College) _________ (date)

Title: _______________________




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