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Totals for the state:
Courses: 59
Students: 8484
Textbook Savings: $848,400.00

Grand Rapids Community College

Discipline Course Number Course Title Title of Open Textbook Open Textbook Provider Savings with Assumed
$100 Textbook Cost
# of students
Education EDU 120 Adult Development Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective $2,500.00   25  
Political Science PS 110 American Government American Government 2e Open Stax $21,300.00   213  
Humanities / Fine Arts MUS 112 Basic Music Theory n/a instructor created coursepack $4,100.00   41  
Biology BI 152 Biological Diversity Biology Open Stax $5,000.00   50  
Philosophy PL 209 Business Ethics Business Ethics Open Stax $2,600.00   26  
Business BA 208 Business Law 2 Advanced Business Law and the Legal Environment Saylor Academy $2,600.00   26  
Business BA 207 Business Law I Government Regulation and the Legal Environment of Business Saylor Academy $29,400.00   294  
Chemistry CHM 110 Chemistry in the Modern World Introductory Chemistry $20,000.00   200  
Physics PH 125 College Physics I College Physics Open Stax $14,400.00   144  
Physics PH 126 College Physics II College Physics Open Stax $7,200.00   72  
Astronomy AS 103 Descriptive Astronomy Astronomy Open Stax $7,400.00   74  
Chemistry CHM 130 General Chemistry I Chemistry Open Stax $32,000.00   320  
Chemistry CHM 140 General Chemistry II Chemistry Open Stax $16,000.00   160  
Psychology PY 201 General Psychology Psychology 2e Open Stax $121,200.00   1212  
Humanities / Fine Arts AT 105 History of Art Before 1400 n/a various online sources $11,200.00   112  
Humanities / Fine Arts AT 106 History of Art Since 1400 n/a various online sources $17,200.00   172  
Biology BI 151 Intro to Cells, Molecules & Genes Biology Open Stax $19,600.00   196  
Sociology AN 210 Intro to Cultural Anthropology Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology $8,800.00   88  
Humanities / Fine Arts GST 200 Intro to Gender Studies Intro to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies $5,200.00   52  
Business BA 254 Introduction to Statistics with Applied Models Introductory Business Statistics Open Stax $8,400.00   84  
Humanities / Fine Arts TH 248 Introduction to Theater Theatrical Worlds (Author: Mitchell) University Press of Florida $25,400.00   254  
Astronomy AS 102 Introductory Astonomy Astronomy Open Stax $17,800.00   178  
Biology BI 127 Microbiology Microbiology Open Stax $19,800.00   198  
Sociology AN 280 Native American Culture Native Peoples of North America other $2,600.00   26  
Economics EC 251 Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics 2nd ed. Open Stax $21,200.00   212  
Astronomy AS 108 Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology Astronomy Open Stax $2,400.00   24  
Mathematics MA 215 Statistics Statistics 3rd ed. $5,200.00   52  
Chemistry CHM 120 Survey of General Chemistry Chemistry: Atoms First Open Stax $8,000.00   80  
Total Courses: 28 $458,500.00   4585  

Schoolcraft College

Discipline Course Number Course Title Title of Open Textbook Open Textbook Provider Savings with Assumed
$100 Textbook Cost
# of students
History HIST-134 Ancient World World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500 University of North Georgia $9,400.00   94  
Mathematics MATH-111 Applications of Math Various Resources David Lippman, OpenStax, Tyler Wallace, Open Source $23,400.00   234  
Humanities / Fine Arts Art-201 Art Appreciation Introduction to Art: Design, Context, Meaning Fine Arts Open Textbooks $7,000.00   70  
Business Bus-202 Business Ethics Business Ethics OpenStax $4,600.00   46  
Business BUS-217 Business Management Principles of Management OpenStax $6,000.00   60  
History HIST-153 Contemporary America - U.S. History American History $2,300.00   23  
History HIST-151 Early America - U.S. History American History $1,600.00   16  
History HIST-137 Early Modern World Various Resources n/a $4,800.00   48  
Psychology PSYCH-249 Educational Psychology Educational Psychology and Trauma-Informed School Practices PressBooks $3,000.00   30  
Mathematics MATH-122 Elementary Statistics Online Statistics Education: A Multimedia Course of Study David Lane (Rice University) $12,900.00   129  
English / Writing ENG-101 English Composition I English Composition I Lumen, et. Al., Schoolcraft College $36,400.00   364  
English / Writing ENG-102 English Composition II Various Resources n/a $50,000.00   500  
Chemistry Chem-104 Fundamentals of Chemistry Chemistry: Atoms First OpenStax $8,700.00   87  
Communication / Speech COMA-103 Fundamentals of Speech Exploring Public Speaking: 4th edition; Stand Up, Speak Out Communication Open Textbooks/Galileo; University of Minnesota $27,400.00   274  
Chemistry CHEM-111 General Chemistry 1 Chemistry: Atoms First OpenStax $8,200.00   82  
Humanities / Fine Arts HUM-106 Introduction to Art and Music Various Resources n/a $15,100.00   151  
Physics PHYS-104 Introduction to Astronomy Astronomy Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kevin Lee, et. Al. $8,600.00   86  
Business BUS-101 Introduction to Business Introduction to Business OpenStax $14,400.00   144  
Engineering ENGR-100 Introduction to Engineering and Technology various resources n/a $3,600.00   36  
Computer / IT CIS-171 Introduction to Networking Introduction to Networking Tim S. Baron; Schoolcraft College $6,000.00   60  
Psychology Psych-201 Introductory Psychology Psychology OpenStax $31,700.00   317  
Psychology PSYCH-229 Life-Span Developmental Psychology PSY 200 Lifespan Development Open Course Library $11,800.00   118  
Philosophy PHIL-247 Logic Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking Matthew Van Cleave; Lansing Community College $6,000.00   60  
Humanities / Fine Arts HUM-212 Mass Media and Popular Culture Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication University of Minnesota $8,100.00   81  
Computer / IT CIS-172 Network Security Fundamentals Network Security Fundamentals Tim S. Baron; Schoolcraft College $2,900.00   29  
Mathematics MATH-047 Prealgebra Prealgebra OpenStax and MyOpenMath $3,400.00   34  
Sociology SOC-201 Prinicples of Sociology Introduction to Sociology OpenStax $16,300.00   163  
Computer / IT CIS 120 Software Applications Computer Applications for Managers Lumen Learning $20,800.00   208  
First Year Experience CAB-102 Student Success and Career Development Various Resources Saylor Foundation, Schoolcraft College, University of Minnesota $24,800.00   248  
Political Science POLS-105 Survey of American Government American Government OpenStax $5,900.00   59  
Computer / IT CIS-178 Technical Microsoft Windows Technical Microsoft Windows Tim S. Baron; Schoolcraft College $4,800.00   48  
Total Courses: 31 $389,900.00   3899  
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