Guidelines for Entering Program Information

Member colleges have the opportunity to identify any complete on-line programs of study on the MCCVLC student web site.  To make sure that information is as complete as possible for a potential student, the following guidelines have been identified to assist the college when developing materials to be added to the website.  Please note:  Colleges will increase the potential number of students by addressing as many of the "Out-of-State" Guidelines as is possible.  

1. Provide a description of the program, including what skills or jobs students could expect to acquire after successful completion of the program.
2. Provide detailed information on the admissions process and policies for your college.
3. Detail any pre-requisite skills or competencies a student must have prior to admission into the program.
4. Include any information and contact information for pre-assessment activities, if required.
5. Offer information on how to register for courses (with equivalencies) through the MCCVLC when appropriate.
6. Include a listing of all REQUIRED courses, with the number of TOTAL REQUIRED CREDITS needed for the program.
7. Include a listing of all ELECTIVE courses, with a number of TOTAL ELECTIVE CREDITS needed for the program.
8. Provide a Model Schedule that includes a TOTAL NUMBER of CREDITS needed for the program.
9. Include contact information for questions regarding program, admissions, registration, etc.
10.  Additional information may include descriptions of all required courses for the program.


The following is a template that could be used to help with the development of Program Information pages.

Program Title

Program description and expectations:  Following successful completion of the following courses, Certificate program completers should be prepared to take the following certification exams:  MCP -Windows 2000, CNA -Certified Novell Administrator, Net-Plus -Vendor-Neutral Networking or A+ - PC Hardware


To get admitted to this program and register for courses
1. Admissions policies and information:
2. How to register for courses - visit the MCCVLC website at and enter the Virtual Campus to view courses in the Course catalog.  After selecting the courses you wish to take for the semester, proceed to Enroll in courses.
3. Some courses may be available as an "equivalency" from another college.  If a course you are looking for is not available from any of the program offering colleges, check the course description for course equivalencies at other institutions.  You may find another institution that has a course which will transfer into the program, and is so noted in the course equivalency section of the course description.


Required Coursework
Course Code Course Title Semester Hours

Total Minimum Required Credits



Electives Coursework
Course Code Course Title Semester Hours

Total Minimum Elective Credits




Semester 1 Semester 2
Course Title Semester Hours Course Title Semester Hours
Total   Total  


For more information regarding this program contact:

Contact Name Institution E-mail address Phone number