Common Tuition Structure

In order to facilitate student enrollment in courses offered by provider colleges through the collaborative, a common tuition structure will be established. Effective with the Fall 2021 semester, tuition rates will be:

No additional fees will be assessed in addition to the tuition above. For purposes of assessing tuition to students enrolled in courses offered through this collaborative, anyone residing within any one of the twenty-eight public community college districts in Michigan will be charged the in-district tuition rate, all other Michigan residents will qualify for the out-district tuition rate.

MCO (MCCVLC) Tuition History
In-district Rate
Out-of-district Rate
Out-of-state Rate
Fall 2000
Fall 2003
Fall 2004
Fall 2005
Fall 2006
Fall 2007
Fall 2009 $140 $205 $270
Fall 2010  $150 $215  $280
Fall 2013 $160 $230 $300
Fall 2016 $190 $270 $350
Fall 2017 $195 $280 $365
Fall 2018 $198 $285 $370
Fall 2019 $198 $285 $370
Fall 2020 $200 $290 $375
Fall 2021 $204 $296 $383
Fall 2022 $240 $348 $450

Operationally, it is intended that the common tuition structure will take effect with the Summer, 2000 semester -- beginning on or around May 1, 2000.

Note that for students taking a single course from many of our member colleges, there are significant fees (registration fee, student activity fee, parking fee, health services fee, technology fee, etc.) assessed in addition to the tuition, so with the elimination of fees, the difference between the common tuition structure and "regular" tuition is less than it first appears.  (Note also that fees directly related to a particular course, such as lab or coursepacks, are allowed.)

The purpose of establishing the tuition structure at rates generally higher than regular member college tuition is to generate the revenue necessary to share with the degree-granting/home college and the MCO for "value-added" services to the student, such as:

Students who will take advantage of such value-added services should be charged the rates identified in the common tuition structure; those for whom such services are irrelevant should NOT pay at the higher rates.  Thus, for students taking online courses from their own college, tuition rates are entirely at the discretion of that college and need not be at the MCO common tuition rate.

The fact that a course may be listed in the MCO online course catalog will not be the determining factor in the tuition rate applicable for any student.  The determining factor is whether a student has been admitted to the provider college (i.e. home college = provider college) -- OR -- whether the student is identifying a home college (that is different from the provider college for the course) from which they will expect the services listed above.

The foregoing may be the case even when students from the provider college and one or more other home colleges are enrolled in the same course section offered through the MCO -- students from the provider college can be charged according to the standard tuition and fee structure for that provider college, while students enrolling through the MCO and declaring a different home college should be charged according to the MCO common tuition structure. 


Updated 2022-05-10